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Orgasm World Championship is the first of its kind and has been created by us here at Yonitale.

Throughout we will meet the most stunning nude, fashion, photo and porn models  competing with each other to win and get the right to be ranked in our Orgasm World Championship.

Every week there is a new match. They take place in our pandora box and public places, watch out;) A jury and viewers decide who is the winner on a number of factors including the fastest and the strongest and yes hopefully number of  orgasms. Proven in the same way as all Yonitale certified orgasms using our state of the art equipment. 

I’m blessed to be a presenter of the matches where I can support our candidates or champions, give them advices and set out the rules.


We always innovate and invigorate our matches with new “pleasure weapons”, some extra points and some unpredictable “surprises” ;)

Welcome to our exclusive Orgasm World Championship! The first game where even the loser gets pleasure!

P.S. If you want to become a candidate of our matches feel free to contact me: kiki@yonitale.com





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