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Isabel VS Olivia Y




Isabel is an amazing girl. She has a good character, she loves sex and she always smiles. It was a pleasure to spend time with her.

If you had a chance to have dinner with her you would be sitting in front of her, holding her hand, asking questions and answering to hers. You would look into her beautiful grey eyes, and smile. But under the surface you wouldn’t stop dreaming of sharing a bed with her after the dinner. 

P.S. Isabel's result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.




Olivia Y

Olivia Y is a gorgeous girl. She has a proud and strong character. I had the pleasure to work with her. At the beginning she seemed like a reserved and a little bit cold girl. But when the Mystery Guy touched her pussy she became more opened. And when the Mystery Guy put his fingers inside her yoni and licked it with his whole passion she became very hot and extremely excited. I love this kind of “ceremony” when Yonitale discovers the big potential of a model.

P.S. Her result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.





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  • Age : 21

    Country : France 

    Height : 174

    Resting Heart Rate: 57

    Pleasure Scale : 3.61 (Fire)

    # 1

    Gerda Y. Champion 2017

    calm and mysterious

    She’s all just harmony and wonder,
    Higher than passions and the world,
    She rests, with her sweet shyness, under
    Her beauty’s ritual abode;
    She looks around self in silence:
    There’re no contenders hers, no friends,
    Our beauties’ circle, pale and blend,
    Fades out in her dazzling brightness.
    Wherever weren’t you hurry, yet,
    Even to date with your beloved,
    What sense with weren’t your heart upset,
    Even with song of highest sound, – 
    But having met her in alarm,
    You suddenly shall stop, embarrassed –  
    In ecstasy, like one of prayers,
    Feeling the holiness of charm.
    Aleksandr Pushkin
    Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, December, 2001
    P.S. Her result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.


    She likes : clitoral toys, jazz, philosophy, anal plug

  • Age : 24

    Country : Russia

    Height : 164

    Resting Heart Rate: 74

    Pleasure Scale : 2.69 (Fire)

    # 2

    Katya Clover. Champion 2015


    This little angel is the real thing. She came along with a big sweet smile and she brought us a lot of sunshine.

    Katya Clover told me that she has many mysterious fantasies. But I think this gorgeous gal can be the most beautiful and seductive fantasy of any man. Well... when I'm alone in my bedroom and I want to give myself pleasure I'm thinking about her stunning body and amazing blue eyes and gorgeous sweet pussy... mmm... if there was an essential oil called sex, surely Katya Clover would be the source......maybe she's not just a fantasy for men..


    P.S. Katya Clover's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.

    She likes : blow jobs, nudism, sunbathing, anal sex, Belgian chocolate

  • Age : 23

    Country : Czech Republic  

    Height : 169

    Resting Heart Rate: 55

    Pleasure Scale : 2.65 (Fire)

    # 3

    Alexis Crystal. Champion 2016

    squirting girl

    This tiny beauty reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. She’s curious and she likes to try new, unknown things like that heroine. We had a lot of fun and we did many crazy things with Alexis Crystal. And she told me some secrets about her work on other productions. As a famous porn star she knows almost everything about that particular “kitchen” ;) Well, when I asked her to have a real orgasm she was surprised. Alexis confessed that we are the first (and maybe the last) production to ask her to be real. Of course, real, genuine pleasure is our main concept and that's the fundamental reason why we created Yonitale.

    P.S. Alexis Crystal's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.

    She likes : sex, fun, going out with friends and cucumber

  • Age : 23

    Country : Norway

    Height : 173

    Resting Heart Rate: 52

    Pleasure Scale : 3.29 (Fire)

    # 4

    Izzy Delphine

    sunflower girl

    Izzy Delphine is a ray of sunshine on a dark rainy day. I had a fantastic experience with her. She told me that she had never had an orgasm. It’s true! Can you believe it??? And when we interviewed her she asked me not to tell about it. She was embarrassed to lie all the time. I can understand her. However, she had her FIRST orgasm ever, a Yonitale exclusive! She felt weird afterwards. Actually, she was afraid and stressed because of this new discovery. Of course, an orgasm (especially the first one) can surprise you a lot ;)

    P.S. Izzy Delphine's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire

    She likes : ice-cream, jokes, beautiful shoes, when man cums inside her

  • Age : 21

    Country : Russia

    Height : 175 cm

    Resting Heart Rate: 53

    Pleasure Scale : 2.66 (Fire)

    # 5

    Jia Lissa

    Redhead Star

    I believe that Jia Lissa is a real jewel for Yonitale. Apart from that this girl is a real beauty with unique features, she has an incredible open-minded spirit, and she knows how to get and to give pleasure (Y)

    P.S. Her result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.

    She likes : sex, orgasm, smile, traveling

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